Supper Club


Supper Club


In April, our favourite London-based editors, media personalities, designers and architects came out to the launch of the Korean Craft and Design Supper Club on a warm Spring evening in Marylebone. 

Hosted at the city’s V-Zug's studio with Korean food prepared on the brand’s very fine ovens!), the evening was aimed at intimately introducing this creative audience to high-end, hand-crafted tableware designed by distinguished Korean artisans. 

Guests enjoyed KFC (Korean Fried Chicken) on 청자 cheongja celadon bowls and 갈비 kalbi (marinated beef) with 방짜 bangjja hand-forged brass plates and cutlery as a steady flow of dishes were dispatched and then quickly devoured alongside a good amount of wine and Korean 막걸리 makgeolli. All of these pieces are available to buy on our web shop.

Even though these designs come from a place of craft, they are works that are deeply rooted in practicality and everyday utility, hence the desire to let them get used, well-worn and enjoyed across the evening. 

These events, which we look to continue across 2024, are designed to be fun and light-hearted, a place for open discussion around design and the creative industries more broadly, helping introduce the work of various Korean artisans into a global discussion.

While the night was about enjoying homely food and warm conversation, the key aim was to introduce the crowd to Korean design from a range of artisans, whose work will soon be available to buy online through our own and partner channels in Europe.